Learning Tools And Apps For IELTS Success


One of the best advantages in preparing for an exam such as IELTS nowadays is that there are many learning tools and apps available online. These tools are designed to help people study and improve their performance in school and during exams. Preparing for English language proficiency tests such as IELTS can be painless as there are many resources that test takers can utilize for free. Of course, it is imperative to attend a test preparation course, but they also need to take advantage of the resources they can use to study at home.

I found a post online that provides some very useful information regarding the tools and websites helpful for test takers of IELTS. The post provides some information for sections such as vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, reading, speaking, and listening. For vocabulary, there are apps and websites that allow you to utilize quizzes and flashcards, which you can use to review vocabulary. You can also use apps that provide spaced repetition flashcard program and powerful translation tool. You can even use an app that helps you learn about 20 new words in a day.

Apps under the reading section allow you to select the words of the section of text that you are not familiar with, and then create flashcards.  Other websites and guides provide articles and review quizzes as well as movie and character summaries. For pronunciation, there are apps that allow you to type a word and listen to how a native speaker says it. You can even learn about phonemes and take advantage of the varying mouth movements animated by the app. There is also another app that provides you the sounds of English.

There are also apps for listening, and one offers more than 100,000 stations and a database of music talks, free sports, and news radio. You can even take advantage of the online language learning community that you can use to connect, share and exchange language audio files. You can even have an audio with a native speaker of English reading a text loudly.There are also tools that provide English songs, which teaches you how to listen well and learn about grammar and vocabulary.

Learning how to speak English can also be made easy through connecting with other people from around the world. There are language learning social networks that connect a variety of people such as students and teachers. Language learners can even get in touch with native speakers around the globe via chat and video. Some apps for writing, on the other hand, provides some language learning platform where you will be corrected by native speakers.  There are also those that explain errors, how you can avoid them, and identify grammar errors.

Test success can be achieved by taking advantage of the materials available for test takers. Of course, you need to finish an exam preparation course first as it will help you learn how exactly you can do well during the test.