Grammar Apps You Should Know About

Grammar – this is something that people should learn about or even master inside or outside their academic life. The good news is that there are already quite a number of tools and educational materials available nowadays that we can take advantage from. These tools are designed to make learning a lot easier and effective. I am actually using some of these tools mainly because I find them very helpful in my everyday life. Anyway, I am featuring two posts here that can give you an idea about the grammar apps available nowadays. I hope you find these helpful!

Top 10 Grammar Apps

In a recent class, as I was giving my “here are the four indispensible reference works you absolutely, positively must have” spiel, one of them said, “as we move into a digital world and the book begins its long, slow decline, what do you believe are the e-reader alternatives?”

“Uh – I dunno” not being an appropriate answer for the classroom environment, I dutifully began to research the topic. And here’s what I discovered.

Grammar apps suck! Gee, that sounds a little biased. Allow me to qualify that statement. Apps have limited functionality. Grammar is a large, fluid topic. I doubt that anatomy has a good app, or organic chemistry, or biology. The topics don’t lend themselves to “applification.” Via

Here is another helpful post that can provide you with some information about grammar apps. You would surely reduce your chance in making grammar mistakes by looking at this post.

Grammar Apps | Learning Centered Technology

Grammar Apps. This is for all my Grammar Nazi friends out there, from now on instead of cringing every time you hear a mistake being made with the English language offer up an app (just kidding). Most of these apps have a small fee attached to the download. These apps cover everything from the Grammar Girl to the Grammar Police. Although I have not tried all of these apps, they come highly recommended.  :) Via

I was delighted to notice that I have quite a number of interesting reading materials to share here. You may come back and see more of my updates in the coming days or weeks.