Find Your Voice for the IELTS Speaking Test!

Are you wondering how exactly you can start improving your skills and your performance in the IELTS speaking test? Well, there are actually many things that you can do to do this. There are many tips from IELTS experts and test takers that can take advantage of. I personally believe that test takers can significantly improve their English speaking skills through hard work and perseverance. Choosing the right study method and constant practice in using the English language can significantly help improve their skills. Anyway, if you are one of the individuals who are pursuing to improve your English speaking skills, please check this post out:

Find your voice for the IELTS Speaking test! | IELTS tips in a foreign language is a pretty daunting task… especially if you are being assessed!

Thankfully, today, we have advice from both an IELTS expert AND an IELTS taker to help you improve your Speaking skills in test circumstances.

Kevin McLaven is the director of English Language Services at the British Council in Hong Kong. The British Council runs the IELTS test in Hong Kong, making Kevin something of an expert! He says that improving your spoken fluency is very important.

To do so in a fun way, Kevin suggests a game you can play with a handful of friends.  See more…

This article below, which I found earlier, talks about the IELTS peaking test tips that candidates can make use of. I decided to share it here because I knew that this would be useful to all test takers.

Top 10 IELTS Speaking Test Tips – UNITED COLLEGE LONDON | United College London speaking test of the IELTS Exam troubles most of the candidates. They are usually puzzled with things like their accent when they speak English, giving right or wrong answers, or even how they will practice in a more affective way. United College London has prepared a valuable list of tips in order to help all the candidates feel more confident and relaxed during their Speaking test.

1- Make sure you take the time to practice speaking English – with friends, at work, with classmates and on the phone. You should also consider recording yourself, so that you are confident speaking English during your test. See more…

I have always taught my students to be confident in their skills as they will be able to improve it as long as they work hard and practice using the English language. I would be sharing ome more reading materials here so please keep yourself updated for my coming posts.