Essay Writing and Grammar Tips

Writing with the use of the English language is a very challenging thing to do for some people. If you feel this way and you are preparing for the IELTS test, then you might as well conquer your fears in writing. The writing test is considered to be one of the most difficult sections. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find it difficult too. There are many ways to learn and practice essay writing. You just have to work hard and believe in your potentials. Make use of the educational tools and resources that can help you improve your performance during the test. One good example of a useful reading material is here below, please have a look:

IELTS Essay Writing Guidelines and Tips

Whether you are taking the IELTS, or the International English Language Testing System, exam as a prerequisite to enrolling in a college or university in an English speaking country, or you are taking it for the purposes of finding a job or for immigrating to an English speaking country, one of biggest challenges you will face is mastering the essay portion of the exam. Udemy’s Express IELTS Preparation Course can give you all the tools that you need to study for the exam in a hurry. However, there are some things that you should know in order to do the best work possible on the writing portion of the exam – specifically, the second writing task.

The second task of the IELTS examination will change depending on whether you are taking the Academic or the General version of the IELTS examination. IELTS Essay Writing Guidelines and Tips

I also included a post here that reveals the 10 grammar apps. You can use these apps to improve your grammar knowledge and skills. Please have a look:

Top 10 Grammar Apps

God bless my students! They ask me the best questions.

In a recent class, as I was giving my “here are the four indispensible reference works you absolutely, positively must have” spiel, one of them said, “as we move into a digital world and the book begins its long, slow decline, what do you believe are the e-reader alternatives?”

“Uh – I dunno” not being an appropriate answer for the classroom environment, I dutifully began to research the topic. And here’s what I discovered.

Grammar apps suck!

Gee, that sounds a little biased. Allow me to qualify that statement. Apps have limited functionality. Grammar is a large, fluid topic. I doubt that anatomy has a good app, or organic chemistry, or biology. The topics don’t lend themselves to “applification.”

There are many helpful reading materials available in the internet that can help you improve your writing skills. I will be sharing some more posts here about IELTS so please don’t forget to come back.