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Jonathan has taught English for over 10 years and has specialized in teaching IELTS for about 5 years.

Possibly Singapore's only full-time private IELTS tutor, he knows the syllabus inside out

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International Experience

Jonathan has taught in Singapore, Australia, Colombia, China and Canada.His students people from:

Asia: Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Japan, Korea
Europe: Spain, France
Central Asia & Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan
Others: Colombia

Jonathan's Own Study Notes

Having taught IELTS for so many years, Jonathan has his own set of notes that consist of up to 50 pages. This set of notes will be given to each student.

These notes include a unique Writing teaching method which has been extremely popular with many of his students and is designed to help you ace the Writing paper

Testimonial from Sandra

"Thank you for your effort in coaching me. You have produced a score 6 student in IELTS Academic Writing within one month.

Amazing job Jonathan!"

(Sandra, Jan 2013)

Testimonial from Mr. Song

"Song here... Got my results. Thanks for all the effort in helping me with my English..

I am very happy... It came as a suprise to me... I must say the tuition lesson definitely helped me a lot.."

(Mr. Song, September 2013, scored 8.0 overall)

Testimonial from Neth

"Hi Jonathan, just want to let you know that I got the IELTS result.

Thanks for eveyrthing. I got listening 8.5, reading 9.0, writing 7.0 and speaking 8.0.

Can't thank you enough for all your help :)"

(Neth, September 2013)

Jonathan's Qualifications

Jonathan is a qualified ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher with a University of Cambridge English CELTA teaching certificate and is pursuing his Master of Education (English Teaching).

Prior to going into full-time English and IELTS tuition, he work in various private schools in Singapore (and other countries) teaching English.

He decided to go into one-to-one tuition because he loves to give personal attention to each student so that they can improve faster - something that is not possible in a class teaching setting.